The Native Symbol or Totem the Bear

The Native Symbol or Totem the Bear symbolizes strength, family, vitality courage and health.  He is a thoughtful creature, independent and apparently distant, has little need for fellowship and is self-contained and strong-willed. A Bear is of great support and comfort to those who crave human company simply for personal reassurance rather than for the simple pleasure of being with friends. He makes lonely periods of life far easier.

Known as the Protector of the animal kingdom the Bear is the most powerful coastal animal. In the Haida culture the Bear is known as “Elder Kinsman” and is treated as a noble guest. Whenever a Bear is killed it is brought inside and eagle down is spread upon it to show respect. The Bear is also known for its human-like qualities.

Legend says that a First Nations chief’s daughter fell in love with and married a Bear, who happened to be the nephew of the Great Bear Chief.  She gave birth to twin bear cubs and was known as the Bear Mother. This created a close relationship between Bears and humans.