Alano Edzerza Carved Door Alano Edzerza Smoke Hole Limited Edition Print

Dear Friends,

The following is an open invite to all, for this Saturday November 7th 2015.
Come meet Alano Edzerza after his sold-out lecture on Saturday, November 7th 2015 between 3:00 - 5:00 pm at Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery.

On November 7th 2015, Alano Edzerza will be the guest lecturer in the Comox Valley ElderCollege series, “From Inheritance to Intuition: 7 Contemporary Northwest Coast First Nations artists.” (Though the series is sold out, ElderCollege members may obtain any available rush seats if they arrive at the Stan Hagen theatre by 9:30). His lecture is called: “MAKING WAVES—MOVING FORWARD
Reflecting his interest in digital media and graphic design, Alano Edzerza’s innovative spirit moves through many different mediums: wood, metals, glass, giclée prints, and most significantly, a clothing line that includes performance sportswear. His works range from fine jewellery to massive installations in cedar, canvas, glass, and steel. Drawing on his deep knowledge of his Tahltan heritage, he brings together inheritance and imagination in his many multimedia art forms.”

Alano Edzerza “Du-ok-wadah” is a Tahltan multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Alano belongs to the Raven clan of the Tahltan Nation. Born in 1981, he has been an artist since he could hold a pencil; received his first recognition of merit at age thirteen for a sculpture award from the school board of Victoria. This early talent developed rapidly into a professional career with international gallery and museum shows.

Alano began working in Northwest Coast art under the tutelage of his family member, fellow Tahltan artist, Terrance Campbell. In 2002 Alano furthered his education by attending school in Arizona for jewelry making under the instruction of Rick Charlie. He has also had the opportunity to work with artists Jay Simeon, Marcel Russ, Philip Grey, Corey Bulpitt, and many others.

He has had numerous group shows and solo shows in Canada and abroad and is one of the key artists in the contemporary northwest coast art movement. The arrival of the Vancouver Winter Olympics that year opened even more doors of opportunity for the rising artist, resulting in the Vancouver Olympic Committee commissioning Alano to create a large scale glass installation at Rogers Arena, as well as the ASICS and the Dutch Olympic Team contracting him to help design their uniforms for the games.

Alano has taught and volunteered with the youth organizations KAYA (Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association), the Freida Diesing School for Northwest Coast Native Art, and NYAC (Native Youth Arts Collective) as well as been a judge for the YVR Art Foundation Scholarship for young Native artists. In 2009 he was the recipient of the 30 & Under Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
Everyone is invited to meet Alano Edzerza, ask questions and enjoy some of his original artwork. Just drop by Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery between 3:00 – 5:00 pm this Saturday afternoon.