A Primer in Seeing and Knowing:

An Introduction to Northwest Coast First Nations Art

—Six Gallery Talks—

Tuesdays: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Feb.20th – March 27th 2018

Series Presented by Carol Sheehan


Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery

Can you distinguish a Thunderbird from an Eagle in Northwest Coast First Nations art? What is a Sisiutl and who is Tsonoqua? What is the connection between Orca and Wolf?

This series of 6 illustrated gallery talks is an introduction to the design principles and images that will develop your visual literacy and appreciation for the visual art of coastal First Nations. Explore form, function, meaning and symbol through the art by masters of painting and sculpture— surrounded by the Spirits of the West Coast Gallery’s fine collection.


1. Feb. 20th: Spirit-Mind. Eye-Hand: Formlines and ovoids; trigons and crescents.

• A primer in Northwest Coast design principles.


2. Feb. 27th: Visual Literacy: What do I see?

• Understanding visual conventions to decipher the images.


3. March 6th: Spirits of the Forest: Transforming spirits.

• Beaver, Frog, Bear, Wolf.


4. March 13th: Spirits of the Sky: Winged and glowing spirits.

• From Raven to Hummingbird; Eagle to Thunderbird. Sun and Moon.


5. March 20th: Spirits of the Sea. Spirits with fins and flukes.

• Whale and Orca; Shark and Salmon. Seal and Otter.


6. March 27th: Betwixt and Between: Spirits of Power; Spirits of Wealth.

• Monumental creatures of the deep seas and deep forests.


Participation by subscription is limited to 30 people.

Facilitated by curator Carol Sheehan. Workbook supplied.

The cost is $60 + GST and includes all 6 Gallery Talks.

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          Tickets are non-refundable.