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Bear Claw

  • Bear Claw

Roy Henry Vickers

Bear Claw


Bear Claw is a limited edition print by Roy Henry Vickers.


The Grizzly Bear is one of the most powerful of all crests on the North Coast, and is most associated with the shaman or healers. The large claws, often used as headdress or necklace, are most likely a symbol of the power or strength of the healer.




 At the time of European contact these healers were labelled as evil and their healing powers rejected by the government and religious organizations. It would be many years before the knowledge of these healers would come to be known and respected by the public.


 Much of the knowledge of healing herbs has survived and is shared by many in this day and age. Two examples I can share at this time are the healing properties of the yew tree as well as the plant we call devil's club, also known as the ginseng of the North West.


 I was on a family holiday to a beautiful resort called Bear Claw and was inspired to reflect on these things. The result was this very traditional design that I've called Bear Claw.


 Edition Date: January 2005


Artist: Roy Henry Vickers


Medium: Serigraph


Image Size: 17.5" x 22"


Print measures: 19.5 X 24 inches


Edition Size: 100


"quoted from Henry Vickers"


Shipping to Canada and the USA is included.