Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery Presents

Looking After a Legacy: Through the Grains of Cedar

Featured artists: Bill Henderson, Greg Henderson, Junior Henderson (Kwakwaka'wakw) 

It is with great pleasure that we present “Looking After a Legacy: Through the Grains of Cedar”, an art exhibition featuring carvings by renowned Kwakwaka’wakw artists Bill Henderson, Greg Henderson and Junior Henderson of the Wei Wai Kum First Nation in Campbell River, BC. This exhibition is rooted in the profound desire by the artists to carry on the legacy of their father and grandfather, Master carver Sam Henderson Sr.. Sam lived his life dedicated to the preservation of Kwakwaka’wakw knowledge and culture. He used the practice of carving and his experience growing up part of the 'Nak'waxda'xw First Nation in Blunden Harbour, BC to preserve these ancient traditions and restore culture to the Campbell River area. It is a legacy he has left behind for the next generation of carvers.

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