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Andy Everson, Spirits of Snow & Ice Box Set Collection

Andy Everson

Andy Everson, Spirits of Snow & Ice Box Set Collection


The Spirits of Snow & Ice Box Set Collection consists of 10 limited edition prints focused exclusively on winter sport. This collection will be available after January 15th 2010. The prints each feature silhouettes of winter athletes in front of a traditional First Nations design. In particular, I’ve chosen to pay homage to the winter sports that take place in my hometown and over much of British Columbia.While each print matches every other print in the series, all are unique. I chose a different animal to represent different sports: an eagle for snowboarding, a hummingbird for figure skating and an otter for curling, and so on. As an avid hockey fan, I could not represent Canada’s national sport with only one animal. Instead I chose three: a ram for the big hitters, a wolf for the shooters and a bear for the goalie. The signed and numbered prints are available individually to mix and match or as part of this complete box set. The box sets contain all of the 10 prints with matching numbers. Each archival quality box will be signed and numbered, as well. Numbers 1 through 50 in the primary edition and all Artist’s Proofs are available exclusively in limited edition matched box sets containing all 10 prints of the Spirits of Snow & Ice Collection. The acid-free Moab Entrada 100% cotton rag paper measures 11x17 inches. Image size measures about 9.5x14.5 inches.

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