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Haida Dogfish Woman Transformation Carving

Ron Russ

Haida Dogfish Woman Transformation Carving


This beautiful Haida Dogfish Woman Transformation is carved by Haida Master Carver Ron Russ. It is carved in argillite and yellow cedar and features two eyes inlayed with marine ivory and Yellow Gold, 2 Mother of Pearl inlays, 20 teeth carved from marine Ivory and one Abalone inlay surrounded by copper in the labret. The carving depicts the transformation of the Haida Dogfish Woman from shark to human. The Master Carver Ron Russ has carved both her human and shark body into the yellow cedar.

The carving is up to 12 inches or a little over 30 centimeters wide, it's close to 12 inches or 30 centimeters high and 3 inches or 7 1/2 centimeters deep. The argillite mask is 6 inches or a little over 15 centimeters high, 4 inches or a little over 10 centimeters wide and about 2 1/4 inches or close to 6 centimeters thick. The carved piece of yellow cedar is about 3/4 of an inch or close to 2 centimeters thick. The carving weighs close to 3 1/4 pounds or 1.5 kilos. It was carved in 2001 and is in excellent condition.

The price includes shipping to the USA and Canada.

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