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Sacred Four by Robin Rorick Artist Proof

Robin Rorick

Sacred Four by Robin Rorick Artist Proof


Sacred Four by the Haida Native Artist Robin Rorick is an Artist Proof Print or Serigraph with an edition of 13. The print is 30 inches x 20 1/4 inches in size and it is signed and numbered in original.

"This design symbolizes the balance of the four sacred elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.   For thousands of years in the time of our ancestors, this sacred balance was acknowledged and respected.   In creation we are pure, as is the Earth. In this design the artist represents the beings in their purest form: their emergent form.

When we lose our respect for any of these sacred elements, we are disrupting the balance. Everything in our lives is made up of these elements.

We live in a time of greed and corruption. People do not acknowledge the importance of respect.   As a result our world is feeling the effects; we are all feeling the effects.

The only way we can change what has been done is to respect ourselves and integrate respect into the way we live our lives.  Respect is the way of our ancestors.  "

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