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Two Sculpins Haida Print

Jaalen Edenshaw

Two Sculpins Haida Print


Two Sculpins is a limited edition print by Jaalen Edenshaw from the Haida Nation. The print is about 14 1/2 inches or 37 centimeters wide and 16 3/4 inches or 42 1/2 centimeters high and has an edition size of 199 prints. It is signed and numbered in original by the artist. The price includes Shipping. 

Jaalen Edenshaw sent us the following quote about his most recent print:

"The sculpin is one of my main crests and one that I have a lot of fun drawing.  
I got the idea for the two sculpins design when I was reading through an old story. A medicine man was in his canoe heading home with his wife. They were coming from his wife's village where his uncle had just given him a valuable stone axe. When he was in the canoe, in the middle of the harbor, he kept handling it. Pulling it out to look at it. His wife told him to put it away but he did not listen. Then when he put it down, he mistakenly put it into the water and it sunk to the bottom. He told his wife to keep the canoe above the spot and he striped his cloths and dove in for it. Although it was deep he could get to the bottom. He was trying to find it when he saw two big sculpins. The stone axe was right between them. Because he was a shaman the sculpins helped him."

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