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Weget Moon by Roy henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers

Weget Moon by Roy Henry Vickers


Weget Moon is a limited edition serigraph (edition size of only 80) by Roy Henry Vickers, First Nations Artist from the Pacific Northwest Coast.

This has been the year of the Raven for me with the best selling book Raven Brings The Light. I’ve created more renditions with raven being the theme in one year than I’ve ever created in my 40 years as an artist.

Weget Moon has been with me for a while now and this is the time to share it. In the ancient story Weget/Raven brought the sun, moon, and stars to the world.

The design, Weget Moon has raven holding the sun in his mouth as well as the face of Weget smiling at us.

This serigraph is from September 2013 and is signed in original by the artist. The image size is 18 inches or close to 46 centimeters high and wide. The print size is 22 inches or close to 56 centimeters wide and high.

The print is unframed and the price includes shipping to the USA and Canada.


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