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Wolf In The Fog by Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers

Wolf In The Fog by Roy Henry Vickers


Wolf In The Fog is a limited edition serigraph (edition size of only 50) by Roy Henry Vickers, First Nations Artist from the Pacific Northwest Coast.

“We were on a hunt in the Muskwa river drainage in northeastern B.C. The hunt was a special one where we flew in a little bush plane and landed on a gravel bar in front of our campsite. A packer with 20 head of horses waited for us there.

One morning we decided to ride up a small creek into an amphitheatre they called the bowl. As we sat there in the morning fog the eerie and haunting sound of a wolf howling drifted across the creek to us. The wolf's howl was a lonely, haunting call. I thought it special to be greeted by this incredible hunter in its natural habitat.

As the fog lifted there was a pale white wolf sitting on the hillside continuing its haunting howl. The wolf eventually detected us and fearlessly moved into the forest.

There are so many memories of hunts in days gone by and that Wolf In The Fog is one that will stay with me.”

 This serigraph is from August 2014 and is signed in original by the artist. The image size is 20 inches or close to 51 centimeters high and 28 inches or about 71 centimeters wide. The print size is 22 inches or close to 56 centimeters high and 30 inches or about 76 centimeters wide. The print is unframed and the price includes shipping to the USA and Canada.

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