We are very pleased to announce that we have received an exceptional new mask. This Hunter of the Woods Mask is carved and painted by Bill Henderson from the Kwakwaka´wakw or Kwakiutl Nation. Bill Henderson is a very respected Northwest Coast Native Master Carver that is passing his experience and skill on to the next generation of carvers. His masks, totems, paddles and other carvings are collected all over the world.

Bill Henderson standing with his Hunter of the Woods mask at the Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery in Courtenay, BC.

This mask is 18.5 inches or over 47 centimeters wide, 22 inches or close to 56 centimeters long and 12 inches or over 30 centimeters deep. It is carved in red cedar with a Raven featured on the head of the Hunter, which is carved in yellow cedar. The mask has cedar bark on the sides and is painted in acrylic paint.

The Hunter of the Woods mask represents a time when the Hunter was unable to find food for his village, and the villagers were starving. He spoke to Raven, and Raven helped the Hunter locate enough food to save the people of his village.