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Winter Perch

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Roy Henry Vickers

Winter Perch


Winter Perch is a limited edition print or serigraph from 1987, with an edition size of only 50. This piece is a collaboration by Roy Henry Vickers, Tsimshian First Nations Artist from the Pacific Northwest Coast, as well as Ed Hill.

The following is quoted from Henry Vickers about this Print:

“How do two people do one painting? In the case of Ed Hill and myself, it was a simple matter of matching student with teacher: the teacher directing and demonstrating, and the student listening, watching and performing according to that direction.

The image of WINTER PERCH was first conceived by Ed. The rough sketches caught my imagination. Using my own style, I could see a fine finished piece and it would be a prime opportunity to teach that style to Ed in the process.

Ed’s final sketch showed far too much detail, and lines too sharp for my liking, so we agreed to change it by simplifying it. Branches were no longer just branches –they became the hiding place of eagles, cormorants and whales. The viewer fills out the eyes, beak and feathers of the eagle. Leaving much of the detail to the viewer's imaginative eye is a part of my style that I enjoy very much.

The final sketch was completed by myself and then Ed began painting the background ‘bleed run’ finished to both our satisfaction.

The last lesson, colour mixing, provided a point of argument for us, but as is proper, the teacher won out. We let the subtle grey work, allowing the viewer to fill in the detail. We let the snow pile high on the branch to provide highlight. There was no need for two tones on the branch-the mind’s eye would take care of that. These efforts gradually blended together, and Ed went to work to complete the painting.

Utilizing only four colours, sharp clean lines and depth created by the bleed run of the background. I had put all of my lessons into one work, and Ed had been an integral part of the entire process.

WINTER PERCH is more than a solitary eagle overseeing his snowy domain. The sketching, painting and printing of this piece is the result of two men collaborating-one teaching and one learning. It is affirmation for the teacher of his student’s work. It is also the kind of experience that has helped make two men the best of friends."

This serigraph is signed, numbered (44/50) and titled in original by the artists. The image size is about 21.5 inches or close to 55 centimeters wide and 14.5 inches or 37 centimeters high.

The print is framed and matted, is in good condition and has no visual imperfections. You might see some reflections in the glass. Personal viewing is recommended. We do not ship framed prints, since the danger of the glass damaging the print is too great. We will however ship the print without frame and matting.

Since this print will be featured in our Roy Henry Vickers Exhibition and Sale: 4 Decades of Inspiration from Aug. 4th - 18th 2018, shipping will be possible after Aug 18th.

The price includes shipping without the frame.

* Colours of artwork may not be exactly as seen on screen.