New hotspring pools and a renovated boardwalk are coming to Gwaii Haanas.

On Hotspring Island (Gandll K’in Gwaayaay), two new pools are expected to be built by next spring so visitors can enjoy the geothermally heated water the way they did before the 2012 earthquake disrupted its flow.

The $118,000 hotsprings project also includes an updated bathhouse where visitors can shower before going into the pools, and a renovated change room foundation that will protect it from storm surges.

At SGang Gwaay, an ancient Haida village recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 900 metres of boardwalk will be replaced—a $537,000 upgrade that aims to keep visitors and Haida Watchmen safe as well as retaining access for people with mobility issues and protecting the culturally and ecologically sensitive site.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Haida Nation President Peter Lantin (kil tlaats’gaa) announced the projects together.

“SGang Gwaay holds long memories for the Haida Nation, and the village still tells stories today,” said Lantin in a press release, adding that such investments are critical for maintaining the site’s integrity.

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