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Native Bentwood Boxes and Bowls

West Coast Native Bentwood Boxes are made from one plank of wood that is steamed at three corners and bend around to form a box. The fourth joining corner is usually doweled with wooden pegs or copper nails. They are usually fitted with a bottom, which is doweled on, and a lid.

Uses for Bentwood Boxes and other Containers

Native Bentwood Boxes and other conventionally carved boxes, chests and other containers were used for storing and cooking food as well as storing ceremonial cloths, masks, and other treasures. Bentwood Boxes were also used for ancient box burials and other types of funeral ceremonies. Native Bentwood Boxes and other containers are often elaborately carved and painted. The following carvings and sculptures are mainly inspired by Haida and Kwakiutl or Kwakwaka'wakw traditions.