What’s the best way to find out your ring size?

The best and most secure way to find out your ring size would be to go to a local jeweler and have him size your finger. It's always important to tell the jeweler how wide the ring will be, that you are sizing your finger for. The reason is that for most people the wider a ring is, the larger the necessary ring size will be. As an example if you measure your finger with a ¼ inch wide ring sizer, for a ring that will be 3/8 of an inch wide you might be off by ¼ to ½ a ring size. It’s always best to measure the ring size of your finger with a ring that has the same width as the ring that you would like to order.

Can a ring be resized?

If a ring is just a bit too tight and doesn’t have any settings, inlays or onlays, it is sometimes possible to have the ring size increased a little, by stretching the ring through a jeweler. If the ring has a sizing gap, it’s also often possible to cut the ring and add or remove a little bit of silver or gold to increase or decrease the size of the ring and solder it back together again. You should always get advice from a professional jeweler, before you decide what to do.

How to find out if our bracelets will fit you?

Depending on your wrist and how wide you would like the gap to be, our bracelets usually fit a wrist that has a circumference of between 1/4 of an inch or 1/2 a centimeter smaller and up to 1/2 an inch or 1.3 centimeters larger than the posted length of our bracelets.

Please note: These are estimates and we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. Of course you can always contact us and we will be glad to help and work with you.

How is Native Pacific Northwest Coast Jewelry carved?

Most Pacific North West Coast Native Artists hand carve their jewellery on a flat piece of precious metal and form it after it is carved. Earrings and pendants are often domed and rings and bracelets are bent and sometimes domed as well. In the case of rings and bands, after they are bent to size they are soldered together at both ends. In nearly all cases contemporary Native Artists sign their original work with either their name, initials or a unique symbol.

Sometimes artist will also carve a beautiful carving and then have a cast done of the original. In this case the cast is filled with the precious metal and then cleaned and polished to make it look very similar to the original carving. Casts can be done as a one of a kind piece, a limited edition or as an open edition.