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Native American Limited Edition Prints

Traditionally Pacific Northwest Coast native paintings and designs are often featured on carved objects such as paddles, panels, clothing, hats, canoes, long houses, bentwood boxes and other native carvings. Many native paintings today are done on canvas and paper. These paintings often represent stories and myths, spiritual creatures and animals as well as a mixture of realism, contemporary interpretations and West Coast Native American Indian designs.

Native American Prints

In the last century Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Artists have started to produce native prints as limited edition prints or serigraphs of their original drawings and paintings. This allows the native artists to sell their original paintings and drawings, and at the same time make their art available and accessible for a wider variety of national and international native art collectors and museums. The following native paintings and prints are mainly inspired by Haida and Kwakiutl or Kwakwaka'wakw traditions.