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Haida Argillite Carvings

For many, Haida Art plays an important role in the development of the Pacific Northwest Coast native art styles. There is one distinct difference in Haida Art compared to other West Coast native art cultures, the black slate material called Argillite. This black Argillite is only found on Haida Gwaii ( The Queen Charlotte Islands ) and is carved by many Haida artists.

Argillite Carvings

These carvings often depict a West Coast Native story, mythical spirits, animals, Haida family crests, replicas of totem poles, bentwood boxes, canoes and other carvings, as well as contemporary interpretations. The authentic Haida Argillite Carvings and Sculptures offered in our gallery, are all created by native artists from the Haida Nation. Most of the Haida Artists featured, are living and working on Haida Gwaii ( the Haida name for the Queen Charlotte Islands ) today.