A Primer in Seeing and Knowing:

An Introduction to Northwest Coast First Nations Art
—Seven Evening Lectures—

Wednesdays: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm April 3rd – May 8th 2019 at the Comox United Church (Gathering Hall)

Thursday or Friday 7:00pm – 8:30 pm May 9th or 10th to be announced on April 3rd. Special in-Gallery Presentation to celebrate Mothers.

Series Presented by Carol Sheehan
Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

Can you distinguish a Thunderbird from an Eagle in Northwest Coast First Nations art? What is a Sisiutl and who is Tsonoqua? What is the connection between Orca and Wolf?

This series of 7 illustrated talks by Carol Sheehan is an introduction to the design principles and images that will help develop a visual literacy and sensitivity to coastal First Nations art. Exploring form, function, and meaning through the art of historic and contemporary masters of painting and carving—augmented by hands-on experience with the Spirits of the West Coast Gallery’s fine collection—the individual sessions are as follows:

1) April 3rd: Spirit-Mind. Eye-Hand: Formlines and ovoids; trigons and crescents.  A primer in Northwest Coast design principles from the north to the south coast.   

2) April 10th: Visual Literacy: What do I see?
Understanding visual conventions to decipher the images. Visual codes in the art.

3) April 17th: Spirits of the Forest: Transforming spirits.
From Beaver and Frog to Bear and Wolf.

4) April 24th: Spirits of the Sky: Winged and glowing spirits.
From Raven to Hummingbird; Eagle to Thunderbird. Sun and Moon.

5) May 1st: Spirits of the Sea. Spirits with fins and flukes.
Whale and Orca; Shark and Salmon. Seal and Otter.

6) May 8th: Spirits of Power; Spirits of Wealth: Betwixt and Between.
Transcendent creatures of the deep seas and deep forests.

7) May 9th or 10th: Female Spirits: Supernatural Women in Art and Ancestry. (Special in-Gallery Presentation to celebrate Women as we celebrate Mother’s Day.)
Bear Mother, Tsonoqua, Otter Woman, Volcano Woman, Foam Woman and more.

Workbook supplied.
The cost is $85 + GST and includes all 7 illustrated talks.

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