The cast has been thrown and the catch is in, The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society (OWFS) is proud to announce the new partnership with a West Coast organization, Haida Wild Seafoods, a subsidiary of the Haida Enterprise Corporation (HaiCo), to bring a beautiful relationship with wine and seafood full-circle.

“We are excited about our partnership with the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society, as it provides us with an excellent opportunity to showcase how beautifully our wild seafood can be paired with Okanagan wines. We are proud to be featuring our high-quality, ethically caught fish and seafood straight from the fresh waters of our home, Haida Gwaii.  We look forward to meeting everyone at all the OWFS events.” Mallary Russ – Haida Wild Seafoods.

The Okanagan Valley is home to more than 200 wineries, and has become recognized worldwide as one of the most successful premium wine producing regions in the world. With publications like Huffington Post shining the spotlight as the Okanagan as one of the Top Wine Tourism Regions in North America, and Canada being named the number one travel destination for 2017 (Lonely Planet) - optimism for the industry continues to grow. It seems only natural that with award winning wines, should high quality foods be paired.

“The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society is thrilled to be partnering with an organization that fosters the same belief in strengthening the products that are produced locally in British Columbia” Blair Baldwin, General Manager of the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society “With wine and food tasting festivals so highly demanded, we are excited to bring a fresh twist to the traditional Okanagan food and wine experience by introducing fresh seafood from Haida Wild Seafoods”. For more information visit

About Haida Wild Seafoods

Haida Wild Seafoods is a British Columbia based custom seafood processor and retailer of premium Ocean-Wise approved seafood products. As a subsidiary of the Haida Enterprise Corporation (HaiCo), Haida Wild Seafoods buys seafood from Haida Gwaii fishermen, then processes, and packages and distributes it to end consumers through select retailers and restaurants. We are proud to offer the most delectable, high-quality and ethically caught fresh-frozen and smoked seafood products. In addition to providing healthy seafood choices, it is our mission to bring awareness of the Haida’s unique food philosophy - treating food and food sources with the care and reverence they deserve - to the local community.

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