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Cliff Wilson

Cliff Wilson was born and raised in Port Alberni. As a child, he grew up in a culturally eclectic environment, and was surrounded by artists from his Coast Salish heritage on his father's side. His father was an avid collector of native art and Cliff spent many hours watching artists carve. He was intrigued by the art of carving and the process of turning a vision into a beautiful object. The desire to carve at this time was just a flicker of the spark that later became a burning flame.During Cliff's early years, an elderly Native carver sensed the deep yearning in this young boy's heart and patiently taught him the carving basics. With his help, Cliff completed his first carving at the tender age of eight. The carving, a complete totem pole, impressed Cliff's grandmother and she purchased it from him. She told him she would return it to him when he was older. Each time Cliff visited his grandmother, the totem reminded him of what he could accomplish. From his home based studio in Nanoose Bay, Cliff has been working towards completing a collection of work that will fully express his creative ability. The beauty of Cliff's work is a reflection of the inspiration he receives through exposure to the natural beauty on Vancouver Island. Cliff's work is a continuous testimony to his natural surroundings. Cliff's carvings display his own creative interpretation, reflecting a fresh and unique artistic perspective. His passion to create continues to flow as he searches for more and more unique and creative elements in his environment.