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Dogfish or Shark Woman Symbol

The Native Dogfish Symbol or Shark Women Symbol represents one of the most powerful and elusive supernatural beings of Haida mythology is the elusive. A powerful shaman deriving her energy from the Dogfish of the Shark family. The story of how she became a shaman of extraordinary power is now lost, but we know that her power came from the spirit of the Dogfish.

Dogfish or Shark Woman Symbol and First Nations

Dog Fish Symbol - Shark Woman Transformation Sculpture in ArgilliteThe most well known story about the Shark or Dogfish Woman tells the story of how as a noble Haida Woman, she was carried off by a Dogfish Man, who brought her into his undersea village where she stayed and slowly transformed into a Dogfish Woman.  In her mythical transformation into a Shark, she always kept some of her human features like her human head with a hooked nose and a labret in her bottom lip. As a transformational supernatural being she is able to transform herself back again into her human form. She became the royal ancestor of the Haida families who now claim the Shark or Dogfish Mother as their crest.

Native Art - The Dogfish Symbol

Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery sells Dogfish or Shark Woman Symbol prints, Native American Jewelry, Dogfish or Shark Woman Native carvings, Dogfish or Shark Woman ceremonial masks, gold and silver bracelets and bentwood boxes, all inspired by the Dogfish or Shark Woman Symbol.


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