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Donnie Edenshaw

Donnie Edenshaw otherwise known as Gaju Xial, meaning "Song and Dance Man" is the son of Haida artist Cooper Wilson. At the age of 10, Donnie started to construct his own art. It started with him creating simple sketches of his father’s Argillite pieces. Once he became familiar with the forms, he moved onto carving. He training was watching his father, and then later he participated in Christian White’s apprenticeship program. After mastering Argillite he moved his artistic expression onto carving wood and ivory, and then to gold and silver jewelry.

“There is something about being Haida. By comparison to other nations, a lot of people know about us. While other people have adopted Haida Gwaii as home, I’ve lived here all my life. All I do – the art, dancing and singing – is what I have to do. It is a responsibility to show people what we have. Just as I continue to learn about my culture – I have to teach others as well.” –Donnie Edenshaw