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The Hummingbird Symbol

The Native Hummingbird Symbol or Totem teaches you to appreciate and love the miracle of living, and to help you focus on the positivity in your life. They are messengers of peace, they heal your body and soul and they guide you through life’s challenges. Hummingbirds are very independent and seem to have an unlimited energy supply. They symbolize wonder and beauty.

Hummingbird Symbol and First Nations

Hummingbird Symbol - Haida Hummingbird Gold and Silver Wrap ringA legend from the Kwakwaka'wakw says that Dzunuk'wa (the mythic guardian of the mountains and Wild Women of the Woods) loved this little bird so much, she let him nest in her hair, in return the Humming bird looked like a jewel pinned in her hair. Of all the birds, they are the most talented flyers. They can hover in one place, fly sideways, backwards and forwards. They teach us to look back to our past, but not to dwell, instead to move forward. As well the Hummingbirds tell us to savour every sweet moment as they do when hovering over each flower. Native Americans believe that it brings luck to see a Hummingbird before major events such as long hunting trips or travelling to other villages.

Native Art - Hummingbird Symbol

Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery sells Hummingbird Symbol prints, Native American Jewelry, Hummingbird first nation carvings, Hummingbird ceremonial masks, gold and silver bracelets and bentwood boxes, all inspired by the Hummingbird Symbol.


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