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Old Fisherman Limited Edition Print

Bill Bellis

Old Fisherman Limited Edition Print


Old Fisherman by Bill Bellis, a member of the Haida First Nation from the Pacific West Coast. This is a limited edition print (of 225 prints) and is about 17 inches x 15 inches in size. It is signed in original and numbered. The artist named this print "The Old Fisherman" because in the legends and stories of Haida mythology the blue heron often has the ability to transform himself into a human being in the form of an old, wise fisherman. It is believed that when you are being pursued and in danger he will hide you under his wing until the danger has passed and then will impart you with special knowledge to help you on your journey. And also because, like the Haida people, he makes his existence at the edge of the land, sea and sky.

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