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The Laughing Crow

Jaalen Edenshaw

The Laughing Crow


The Laughing Crow is a limited edition print by Jaalen Edenshaw from the Haida Nation. The print is about 13 inches wide X 15 inches high and has an edition of 270 prints. It is signed and numbered in original by the artist. The price includes Shipping. 

Jaalen Edenshaw send us the following quote about the print: "The laughing Crow was created as the symbol for our Haida Language Storytelling Society. There is a story that Raven told the crows to go up into the mountains to live because the mountains were their grandfather. The weather became very ugly and the mountain told the crows to fly out to the ocean. As the crows flew out to the ocean they laughed and the weather became sunny.  Now when the crows laugh the weather turns good."

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