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Argillite Haida Orca Pendant

Ron Russ

Argillite Haida Orca Pendant


This Haida Orca Pendant with a raven carved in the dorsal fin, is carved in Argillite, with three Mother of Pearl inlays and one abalone inlay in the eye. It is carved by the Master Carver Ron Russ from the Haida Nation. The Orca is the most powerful crest of the World of the Sea Creatures. This pendant has been worn and has some minor imperfections hardly visible to the eye. It is close to 2 inches or 5 centimeters long and wide without the bail and a little under 1/4 of an inch or 1/2 a centimeter thick. It weighs about 0.8 ounces or 22 1/2 grams. The price includes shipping to the USA and Canada.

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