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Balance by Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers

Balance by Roy Henry Vickers


Balance is a serigraph limited edition print of 100, made in 2013 by Roy Henry Vickers from the Tsimshian Nation. It's not easy to see, but there is a flying bird integrated into the background of the sky on the left top half of the image. The print is signed, numbered and titled in original by the artist. The print is 30 inches or a little over 76 centimeters wide and 22 inches or close to 56 centimeters high. The image is 27 inches or close to 69 centimeters wide and 17 1/2 inches or close to 44 1/2 centimeters high.

The print is unframed and ground shipping to Canada and the USA is included in the price.

 The following is quoted from Henry Vickers about this Print:

"Life and the experience of all there is to enjoy is about balance. When I was a young man and proud of my high pain threshold I survived a few serious accidents including a broken back and broken neck. I never went for medical work on either of the incidents and temporally healed. Later in life I began to have muscle spasms that were so bad I had to be carried to the hospital in an ambulance. After a shot of muscle relaxant I would walk out of the hospital as if nothing had ever happened.

One day I grew tired of the constant pain and was referred to a woman who was a chiropractor and spiritual healer. Ruby Commandeur became a friend who helped me through my pain and taught me much about a positive attitude and love of life. Ruby was a mentor for healing and life; she loved yoga and talked me into trying it for relaxation as well as meditation.

We lost Ruby to her pain and I continue with my life inspired by the memories of this lovely lady. In the cultural ways of my ancestors there is a time after the loss of a loved one where we put our grieving aside and celebrate the life. This is the time to let Ruby go and celebrate her and so I do this in BALANCE.

With thanks to Marnie Recker for the photograph that inspired this creation and Jennifer Steven who knew it should be."


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