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Bear Den Limited Edition Print by Alano Edzerza

Alano Edzerza

Bear Den Limited Edition Print by Alano Edzerza


Bear Den is a limited edition Giclee Print created in 2015 by Alano Edzerza, a Tahltan Nation Native Artist.  The Print has the following size: 21 3/4 inches or 55 1/4 centimeters wide X 25 1/4 inches or 64 centimeters high. The image itself is 24 3/4 or 63 centimeters high X 21 1/4 or 54 centimeters wide. The Giclée Print is limited to an edition of 200, each numbered, titled and signed by the artist.

The Bear is seen as a shapeshifter with immense strength. In many Pacific Northwest Coast Cultures, there are multiple stories of bears bringing medicine to people, and due to their ability to transform into human form, they are often seen as brothers to mankind.

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