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Bear Mother Myth I by April White

April White Haida Artist

Bear Mother Myth I by April White


Bear Mother Myth I is a Hand-Pulled Serigraph from a limited edition of 75 Prints from 2003, signed, titled, numbered in original, by April White. The print is 11 1/2 inches or over 29 centimeters wide and 22 1/2 inches or over 57 centimeters high. Basic Shipping to the USA or Canada is included.

"As told in the Bear Mother Myth, the beautiful young daughter of a Chief was out berry picking and neglected the traditional singing to warn the Bears of human presence. This lack of respect for the Bears caused her abduction by the Prince of the Bear People. Her high rank results in their marriage, but relentless pursuit by her brothers to find the lost Princess causes the Prince to flee with her. He hides her high in a tree on a mountain, where she gives birth to twin bear cubs. Ultimately, they are found and as Bear prepares for death he removes the cubs' bear garments and they are transformed into human beings, predestined, like the Bear, to become the greatest of hunters. In this depiction, the Bear is in constant vigil with the Human mother in his shoulder and two cubs below."

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