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Bill Reid Silver Pendant / Medallion

Bill Reid

Bill Reid Silver Pendant / Medallion


This untitled round Silver Pendant / Medallion with chain is hand carved and signed by Bill Reid from the Haida Nation. It represents most probably a Sea Bear (Ts'amgus) Design that was carved in the year 1956.

In his design Bill Reid is exploring the mythical beast in a circular format. This design is very similar to the Ts'amgus Oval Brooch featured in the Bill Reid Foundation Collection. You can see the brooch as the first image featured in the " Jewelry " section at the following link:

The untitled round Silver Pendant / Medallion is 1.9 inches or 4.8 centimeters in diameter and including the chain 19.5 inches or about 50 centimeters in length.

We have an existing Certificate of Authenticity by Buschlen Mowatt Fine Art Gallery from 1994 with an evaluation of $ 16,000.00.

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