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Bird Bentwood Canoe Box

Bruce Alfred

Bird Bentwood Canoe Box


This is a Bird Formline Bentwood Canoe Box carved and painted by Bruce Alfred from the Kwakwaka´wakw or Kwakiutl Nation. The box is carved from red cedar and was designed so that it would fit into the front or back of a Northwest Coast Canoe. The sides are carved out of one cedar board and then bent in three corners and doweled together at both ends to make it watertight. The bottom is also doweled to the sides and sealed. The top is attached with cedar bark rope and tightened with a leather string. If the canoe would tip and the box fell into the water, the contents of the box would be secure, since nothing could fall out and the box itself would float to the surface of the water and could be easily recovered. The box including the top is up to about 9 1/2 inches or 24 centimeters wide, 7 1/2  inches or 18 1/2 centimeters deep and 8 inches or a little over 20 centimeters high. The price includes shipping to the USA and Canada.

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