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Butterfly ~ Stl’aḵam 1 by April White

April White Haida Artist

Butterfly ~ Stl’aḵam 1 by April White


Butterfly ~ Stl’aḵam 1 is a Hand-Pulled Serigraph from a limited edition of 145 Prints from 2013, signed, titled, numbered in original, by April White. The print is 11 inches or 28 centimeters wide and close to 10 inches or over 25 centimeters high. Basic Shipping to the USA or Canada is included.

One of the two Haida clans is Raven and the other is Eagle. Raven is frequently found with Butterfly or Eagle as his traveling companion. Butterfly acts as a scout and messenger who leads Raven, a central character in many Haida Myths, to food sources or brings to light the hiding places of other Beings. Through Butterfly’s metamorphosis—accepting change—he realizes the potential for balance and grace. 

The noble Eagle possesses great intellect, power, foresight, and grace. This Supernatural Being is the ruler of the sky and seeing him in flight is a sign of good times to come. His feathers are also given as a gift to show respect for accomplishment, for displays of courage, and the sharing of wisdom. Depicted here are two Eagles in the wings of a Butterfly. Eagle is a crest of all Eagle Clan families, and Butterfly is a crest as well, although held only by certain Eagle families. This image reflects a duality of Clan relationship and Crest.


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