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Dragonfly ~ Díi gwaa 3 by April White

April White Haida Artist

Dragonfly ~ Díi gwaa 3 by April White


Dragonfly ~ Díi gwaa 3 is a Hand-Pulled Serigraph from a limited edition of 55 Prints from 2013, signed, titled, numbered in original, by April White. The print is 11 inches or 28 centimeters wide and close to 10 inches or over 25 centimeters high. Basic Shipping to the USA or Canada is included.

Dragonfly is a Being of the wind and the water. Through Dragonfly’s swift flight in all directions, one senses a dynamic power that could drive change, transformation, and balance… that change manifesting through self understanding and insight into the deeper meaning of life. It is thought that Dragonflies carry human souls—transporting them on their backs to the spirit world, and young Haida men would be able to swim faster by eating their wings. 

Frog and Dragonfly both are Eagle crests. Frog is an interspecies messenger and communicator being valued for his adaptability—freely traveling between the two natural worlds—land and water, and the supernatural realm. On Dragonfly’s wings Frog bears knowledge, divine power, good fortune, and magic for spiritual cleansing.

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