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Haida Beaver Tsing

Bill Reid

Haida Beaver Tsing


Haida Beaver Tsing by Bill Reid of the Haida Nation is an Artist Proof from 1978. It is signed in original. The print depicts the traditional Haida beaver crest of the Eagle Clan. It is a split image design of a beaver holding a chewing stick with a human figure (probably a chief) depicted in the tail. This usually indicates a transformation between the beaver and human or supernatural being. The three faces above the beavers head on the chiefs hat probably represent the number of potlatches this chief has given.The print is signed and numbered by Bill Reid. This print is number 3 of a total edition of only 195. The print is framed and matted, is in good condition and has no visual imperfections. Personal viewing is recommended. We do not ship framed prints since the danger of the glass damaging the print is too great. We will however ship the print without frame and matting. Shipping  to the USA and Canada is included in the price.

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