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Salmon Tale 2 by April White

April White Haida Artist

Salmon Tale 2 by April White


Salmon Tale 2 is a Hand-Pulled Serigraph from a limited edition of 60 Prints from 2014, signed, titled, numbered in original, by April White. The print is 22 1/4 inches or 56 1/2 centimeters wide and 15 inches or 38 centimeters high. Basic Shipping to the USA or Canada is included.

Every salmon sport fishing enthusiast in British Columbia possesses—knowingly or unknowingly—a piece of art by April White, for every salmon license in the province carries a stamp designed by this talented Haida artist. The Pacific Salmon Foundation Salmon chose her design “Salmon Tale” for their 2015/16. This became the first and only time in 25 years that an aboriginal person was so honoured. This Salmon Tale 2 Limited Edition Serigraph is the only full sized version for sale by the artist.

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